About us

Parshvaa Edu Mentor has developed educational software which brings students, teachers, parents and the institute together. We aim that these all pillars of education work unified towards a common goal of archiving academic excellence without it being a burden. We at Parshvaa are reinventing education system with science and scientific method and are archiving unparalleled results.

We strive in hard and ensure that students spend productive time on screen through our worthwhile apps, teachers plan and generate paper easily whenever and wherever they want and the working of institution is in a simplified and hassle-free manner. So that all of these bring students, teachers and parents close to acquire academic success.

Here, we create simple, effective, and innovative products that digitize education. Our purpose is to bring students, teachers, and parents to work together, seamlessly. We want to empower our students with motivation and confidence. This will increase efficiency and effectiveness at every educational institute and bring about a revolutionary, new way to impart knowledge.


We are driven by values that build our business with a keen focus on scalable, technology driven products, in order to bring education for all in India.


We dream of a paper-free India, where digitized education reaches the most inaccessible corners of the country. Our aim is to shape an environment-friendly, progressive, and educated nation.