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iSccore - Learning & Revision App for Students

  • Access to all subjects.
  • Performance enhancer.
  • Helps to build confidence.
  • Universal accessibility.

Exams are Easier with iSccore

  • Effective revision & memory tool.
  • Provision to access, online and offline on all devices.
  • Revise through previous year SSC question papers.
  • Set goals, meet targets, track progress & gain confidence along the way.
  • Enables action before results.

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App for Student

Concept Clarity Test (MCQ’s)

  • MCQ helps you to recall topics/chapter taught in class.
  • Practice of MCQ type questions available for each topic.
  • Solving of MCQ questions ensures a good start for every exam.
  • It helps a student to clear the concepts for frequently asked application based questions.
  • Develops a habit of reading the textbook thoroughly.

Practice More and Score Better

  • Take a test of every topic that could be in exam paper.
  • Generate practice paper for any topic/chapter/subject with model answers.
  • Papers can be generated using any of the three available options. (Prelim, Ready or Set Paper)
  • Practice more to strengthen your grey areas.
  • Access to previous years board papers with solutions.

App for Parent

  • Parents are constantly aware of their child’s progress.
  • Can help their child plan a study schedule to score better.
  • Keep a track of child’s screen time.

More Features

Practice More and Score More


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  • iSccore helped me take a prudent decision. My child was weak at trigonometry. Instead of hiring a private tutor, I just sat with him and made him practice more on iSccore. He is doing much better now.

    Mrs. Joshi, Pune

  • My child have exam phobia. I made him practice papers from iSccore regularly so that he can overcome his phobia. He is more confident now. I am sure by his final exams; he will be much better. I am glad that I am using this app and helping my child in a constructive way.

    Mrs. Rao, Ghatkopar

  • I had poor understanding of concepts in Science. Solving MCQ’s on iSccore regularly for each topic/chapter built my concepts strong and helped me do much better in application based questions in exams.

    Sumit , Ahmednagar

  • In my 20 years of teaching career, I have never come across such a powerful product like iSccore. This is the best gift I had given to my students. Thanks to iSccore. Now I am connected to my students not only in classroom but also outside it.

    Sapna Sharma

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