We dream of a Digital India, where quality education reaches the most inaccessible corners, driven by state of the art, educational softwares for students.


Technology Driven

We focus on driving education in India through technology - ushering in the new digital age of learning for all.


Affordable, Quality Education

We are an educational software company and we develop products that are easily available to every student.


Institutional Efficiency

We try our best to provide valuable, education-fuelled improvement to every aspect of society, through students, teachers, and parents.


A Software For All!

It is our constant endeavour to empower parents, support teachers, and motivate students through all of our educational softwares to shape a progressive and a civilized society


Study for exam and
practice for sucess.

Exams Are Easier With iScore!

'iScore' is a powerful Revision & Memory Mobile Application that generates Maharashtra SSC board question papers, personalized and tailor-made for each and every user. iScore generates question papers and model answers for 8th, 9th, and 10th standard students. The app also provides in-depth performance reports.

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