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We dream of a Digital India, where quality education reaches the most inaccessible corners, driven by state of the art educational softwares for students.

Technology Driven

We focus on driving education in India through technology - ushering in the new digital age of learning for all.

Affordable, Quality Education

We are an educational software company and we develop products that are easily available to every student.

Institutional Efficiency

We try our best to provide valuable, education-fuelled improvement to every aspect of society through students, teachers, and parents.

A Software For All

It is our constant endeavour to empower parents, support teachers, and motivate students through all of our educational softwares to shape a progressive and an educated society.


Replace Pen With A Click!

Generate Question Papers on a Click with Evaluater

Break free from the traditional test making methods, generating question papers is now just a click away! A user friendly software with a huge database that can generate unlimited question papers within seconds. Save time, cost, & efforts with Evaluater – customized, personlized, and organised test generator!

Available for Maharashtra State Board class VIII, IX & X (English, Semi-English & Marathi medium)

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Study for exam and
practise for success.

Exams Are Easier With iScore!

iScore is a new age mobile application that empowers revision techniques and strengthens memory by auto-generating personalized and tailor-made question papers with ready answers for students of Maharashtra Board Std 8,9,10. The app also provides in-depth performance reports and enables parent-student profile integration for enchanced monitoring of studies.

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Manage all the bits of education at once

Efficiently Manage Your Educational Institute with iManage

Go digital with iManage: the effective and efficient way to manage your educational institute. Find all your admin, management, and scheduling under one program, with easy access to all the information you need. iManage will not only set up your institute’s website, but will also aid you in setting up a schedule, provide financial support, and help you track everything from inventory to staff and student attendance.

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  • Sudha Nayak
    iSccore helps me connect better with my child. I can keep track of what she is studying and we both can work together in harmony, to ensure she appears with full confidence for every test and exam.
    Sudha Nayak
  • Santosh Gangan
    I feel like I'm studying less with iSccore, even though I'm working just as hard. It clears all the clutter and I'm able to focus on the task at hand.
    Santosh Gangan
    Class 9
  • Amol Mehta
    iSccore allows students to not only study for exams, but to study for their weekly tests at the coaching classes. This builds a strong foundation, which leads to them performing well in all their exams!
    Amol Mehta
    Mehta Classes
  • Bhavesh Maniar
    “I cannot tell you how relieved I am !!! To have Evaluater in my life! I can finally concentrate on teaching my students over putting papers together.”
    Bhavesh Maniar
    Ex-HOD Mathematics SVIS
  • Sandeep Pawar
    “Evaluater has been a valuable software for our institute. We have saved time and cost, plus we’ve increased testing efficiency.”
    Sandeep Pawar
    Director Unique Classes Pune
  • Hitesh Vakharia
    “I have never come across a software that forms test with such error-free precision. It takes into consideration everything from scheduling test to forming exactly the tests we need.”
    Hitesh Vakharia
    MD Vakharia Academy

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