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According to many historians and expert economists, up until the late 16th century and early 17th century, India was the largest economy in the ancient and the medieval world. India’s period of flourishing began at around 1CE up until the 16th century CE. We controlled around one-third or one-fourth of the world’s wealth. Even till the Mughal domination, we were developing trade and economy till our swift decline happened due to several European interventions.

We were blessed with bountiful natural resources, which attracted heavy trade and plenty settlers to our cultural melting pot of a country. We valued education for the sake of learning, and not for earthly benefits, and were known for our ability to house multiple religions, creeds, and castes under one nation, in a relatively peaceful manner. India of the 17th century was forward-minded, accepting people for who they are and who they choose to be. In fact, during the 14th century, our merchant navy was one of the largest in the world. Trade surplus surpassed even that of the Roman Empire. Gold production in the 1400s – to early 1900s was at an all-time high. This means for a large part of the last 2,000 years, India was a leader in global economy, forward-mindedness, and education. While many choose to blame colonialism for our fall, and it is true, colonialism did loot our resources and trade, but it also introduced us to rail-road systems and other mechanic advancements.

We can’t blame them entirely for our downward spiral, as a lot of our fall also has to do with the fact that colonialism deprived us of our will to study for knowledge, to build up again, and to get along like we used to. Only we can turn this around!

“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand-mother of tradition”

― Mark Twain.

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