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July 14, 2017
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July 27, 2017
Around the world - G20 Summit

Around the world - G20 Summit

The Group Of 20 (G20) meet was held in Hamburg, Germany this year. Aside from the usual discussions about economic growth and financial markets, world leaders got together to talk about women’s economic growth, migration, digitization, and other currently significant topics. The much-awaited Trump & Putin meet up finally happened at this G20 summit. There was a media firestorm on questions about Putin’s involvement in rigging the 2016 U.S elections. The FBI is currently investigating Trump’s inner circle for this too. But, Trump and his team, somewhat, dodged questions about whether the two world leaders discussed this.

With tensions high about troops at the Chinese-Indian border, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping met PM Narendra Modi at the summit. While it was obvious they had discussions, the Indian spokespeople claimed the discussions were positive, while China’s statement was that no “official” meeting took place. Needless to say, China is not willing to have a discussion till troops are withdrawn. 

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