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Around The World – Nubian pyramids
May 24, 2017
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June 13, 2017
Bahubali The Conclusion to release in IMAX

“Soch agar pakki ho toh ek tinka bhi talwaar mein badal sakta hai”

The recent release of Baahubali 2 has been a highly-anticipated one! After the success of Baahubali, audiences have been excitedly waiting to watch the concluding slot of this mega battle saga. This dialogue from the recent movie really resonated with us. To translate it directly, it would stand as, ‘if you remain confident and resolute, then the smallest weapon will turn into a sword.’ If you set your mind to something, your circumstances won’t matter. No matter how far the peak of the mountain may seem, take it one step at a time. Keep moving forward with resilience and faith in yourself. Just concentrate on the task at hand and you’ll make the best of all the resources you have, however big or small.

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