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August 15, 2018

Watan ke aage kuch nahi

“ Watan ke aage kuch nahi “ roughly translates to that there is nothing more important than your motherland. Duty towards your motherland is the most essential duty of all. “WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY”
July 30, 2018

Soorma – Never Lose Hope

“It’s not about how hard you can hit but how hard you can get hit and still keep moving forward.” Directed by Shaad Ali, Soorma is an exceptional film based on the life of international hockey player Sandeep Singh. The film provides a breathtaking narrative of how a man can overcome the biggest challenges of life and emerge victorious at the end.
July 30, 2018

Never let people tell you YOUR LIMITS

Maybe this powerful motto of the Croatian team was responsible for catapulting them into the spotlight earlier this month as they clawed their way up to the finals of the FIFA World Cup 2018. The journey of the Croatian team in this World Cup bears a pristine reflection of their hard work, grit, and determination.
July 30, 2018

Welcome on board to Zookie

Welcome on board to Zookie - a hub of knowledge and information that motivates young minds more towards their books and goals of life while giving a delightful break from studies. This is one of many other initiatives from us, ParshvaaEdu Mentor - who take pride in bringing about a revolution in enhancing teacher-student synergy along with upgrading their efficiencies.
February 28, 2018
Last Minute SSC Board Checklist

SSC Board Exams Last Minute Checklist

For all those, biting their nails and dreading about the approaching Board Exam. Zooki shares with you the last minute checklist with best of wishes!!!
February 8, 2018
Board Exam Tips

SSC Board Exam Tips 2018

As the clock keeps on ticking, each second passes away and time marches on. With your exams being just 25 days away, every hour, every minute and every second counts. This is the penultimate round of the first major challenge in our life and if we are patient and careful enough, nothing can dip stop us from achieving victory.
February 6, 2018

Rare Astronomical phenomenon in 2018

To penetrate what's unknown and mysterious and to make sense of what's known, is the basic principle of science and therein lies mankind's quest to figure out the mysteries of Outer space. Recently on January 31st, we experienced a rare phenomenon what NASA termed as “Super Blue Blood Moon”.
February 3, 2018

“Rahul why did you leave the bathroom tap open again?”

We all must have heard this line time and again at some point of our lives and we all have frowned at why our mothers get so concerned if some water gets wasted. Well, we couldn't be more wrong and we should realize how precious water is and when it becomes scarce, our very survival will be at stake.
January 23, 2018
SSC Time Table-01

Maharashtra SSC Board Timetable 2018

The timetable for Maharashtra board exams 2017-18 has been published and is shared below for your ready reference and study schedule preparation. It's a long list of dates, marching on straight from 1st till 22nd of March and will test your perseverance and coolness of nerves to the core.