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November 15, 2018
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November 15, 2018

A celebration of the victory of good over evil, light over darkness is what Diwali is all about. Celebrated with utmost grandeur and pomp with everyone, both rich and poor coming together in unison, makes Diwali the most popular Indian festival. With almost every house being draped in a variety of assorted colors, lights and every dark corner illuminated with diyas, Diwali is also known as the “festival of lights”. It is also an occasion for homecoming where people who live far away from their family and friends, return home to join in the whole mood of festivity and celebration with near and dear ones.

Along with Diwali, Kali puja and Laxmi Kuber puja is also celebrated with the former being mainly celebrated in the eastern parts of India at the dead of the night.

New clothes, exotic sweets and also firecrackers are some of the best things that accompany a Diwali celebration. As for children, lots of gifts and some extra pocket money from parents and grandparents are the main perks of Diwali. As for employees or workers, they’re rewarded with their yearly bonuses from their employers at this time so that everyone can enjoy this festivity to the maximum. Renowned business tycoon Savji Dholakia, a diamond trader and the owner of Shri Hari Krishna Exports has gifted 600 cars as Diwali bonus to his employees. Human generosity knows no bounds when it comes to the season of festivity and celebration. It is also during Diwali, when the small scale light and firecrackers industries face a big book in business, enabling the traders to earn much more than the usual, and put a smile on the faces of their family members.

Overall, it is not incorrect to infer that Diwali is a once in a year chance for everyone regardless of being poor or rich, to carelessly drift away from the harsh reality, away from the trials and tribulations that life brings and temporarily get transported into an alternative dimension of absolute utopia where happiness knows no bounds and everything seems to be perfect.

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