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Digital Institute Management

  • Go digital with iManage: the effective and efficient way to manage your educational institute.
  • Find all your admin, management, and scheduling under one program, with easy access to all the information you need.
  • iManage will not only set up your institute’s website, but will also aid you in setting up a schedule, provide financial support, and help you track everything from inventory to staff and student attendance.
  • Know who you owe and who owes you with one simple click.
  • Let iManage take care of queries, store information, and help you stay in constant touch with students and their families. Read on for detailed information on the wonder that is iManage.

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Key Features

imanage - key features - Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

  • Parent receives SMS alerts when students enter and leave the institute, ensuring safety.
  • Parents also receive test schedule alerts, amongst other activity.
  • Messaging can be done in the parent’s mother-tongue (English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati)

OMR Process

OMR Processes

  • Get hand-written MCQs checked with ease!
  • Store data and analyze student performances.

generate leads

Generate Leads

  • Capture leads from popular portals such as JustDial, Sulekha, and other services.
  • Get your website, long codes, and short codes integrated with leads.


Email Updates

  • Update parents with grades, report cards, important info, and more.
  • Update parents on student’s progress, shortcomings, plus points, and more.
  • We provide ready-made templates that can be customized to your needs.

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Concept Clarity Tests (CCTs)

  • Testing is easy with iManage. Why? Because we can integrate iScore for you!
  • iScore is an efficient revision & testing software that generates custom-made tests.
  • Papers can be set according to requirement and all progress is tracked over a long period of time, giving students, teachers, and parents insight into each student’s strengths & weaknesses.

Our Integral Elements

imanage mascot
cloud based service

Cloud-Based Service

  • All your data is stored in our cloud server.
  • We guarantee safety & security for all your stored information!

fees and finance

Fees & Finances

  • Right from inquire to printing receipts. Let the software take care of it! Feed the amount received and track what is due. Send SMS alerts about overdue payments and payment reminders.

admin records

Admin Records

  • All faculty & admin related data will be stored in the software
  • The program will also store all info, photographs, and details related to students, admin, teachers, and staff.
  • Track attendance of teaching and non-teaching staff (through integrated biometric & bar codes), salaries, payments, and more.
  • Grant access or permission, whenever required, to staff, through a few clicks.
  • Track actual teaching hours of visiting faculty who are paid on per hour/per lecture basis.

student performances

Student Performances

  • Create Year-round / Semester-wise / weekly / daily class & lecture schedules.
  • This takes into account student & teacher availability.
  • The software can also manage test schedules, track test attendance, and each student’s performance on tests.
  • Track test progress and send e-mails / SMS to parents on performance, test attendance, and test schedules.

tracking attendance

Tracking Attendance

  • Integrate biometric machines & bar codes into your daily attendance tracking system.
  • Know when a student or staff has arrived, which class they are in, and view their overall attendance records.
  • Parents will be messaged or mailed about the students’ whereabouts through this tracking .

student records

Student Records

  • Store and access complete student records in an organized manner.
  • This includes all their information, photographs, enrollment data, and more.

Admin & Management Work Made Easier!



  • Keep in constant touch with parents, related businesses, and vendors through SMS & Email alerts.
  • We have a multi-lingual messaging system.
  • Depending on your needs, a message or an email can be sent out for a variety of incidences from attendance to announcements.

staff alerts

Staff Alerts

  • Auto messaging / e-mail for the admin too.
  • Know which member of the staff is present or absent.
  • Receive birthdays, special days, and other updates.
  • Receive salary updates, daily cash & cheque collections, and installment updates.

iscore mascot


  • Track any inquiry that comes in, from start to finish.
  • Parents also receive test schedule alerts, amongst other activities.
  • Analyze performance over time, keep track of payment and cost records amongst other details.

ensure syllabus effectively

Craft Correct Syllabus effectively

  • Form syllabuses for each class according to chapters & concepts.
  • Fit in enough time to ensure effective learning.
  • Track faculty and lecture progress (planned against real-time) to make adjustments accordingly.

manage data

Manage Data

  • Store all the data you have in an organized manner.
  • Store inquiries & record of all communication with parents and vendors.
  • Send auto-messages on events, birthdays, etc.
  • Preserve all CVs & other necessary documentation with easy access.

class scheduling

Class Scheduling

  • Create timetables for all lectures & test schedules, keeping staff and student availability in mind.
  • This will allow admin to keep a close watch on all that takes place during a class.

Access To A Bright Future!

parents all access login

Parents All-Access Login

  • Aside from routine SMS & e-mail updates, parents can log into student school accounts.
  • Access to schedules, lectures, assignments, test events, etc.

much required backup

Much-Required Backup

  • Get auto backups done for you from time-to-time.
  • Fit in enough time to ensure effective learning.

iscore use
your website

Your Website

  • We provide you with a website that can be accessed and used by all connected to the institute.
  • Our programs allow you to custom-make the website and constantly update it.

detailed report

Detailed Reports

  • Get regular business reports.
  • This will help you grow and improve your business.

query response

Query Response

  • Parents can also message you their queries and receive auto responses on same.
  • They will receive appropriate auto responses (that can be customized), when needed.
  • This provides 24/7 availability

financial records

Financial Records

  • Keep detailed record of all receipts and expenses.
  • Manage student admissions & track due payments.
  • Generate trial balances and check cash & bank balances .
  • Use our balance sheets to view profits and losses.

inventory tracking

Inventory Tracking

  • Keep a track of all the inventory that comes in or goes out, and also their costings.
  • Whether its course notes, books, or any stock you’ve purchased, let us manage your transfers and bookkeeping.

iManage Plans

Banana Package for iManage Plan Subscription


1250/ monthly

Single User Login

  • Basic
  • Records
  • Attendence
  • Fees Management
  • Students Performance
  • Institute Website
  • Unlimited Student Records
  • 25 per Student Online Access

Apple Package for iManage Plan Subscription


1550/ monthly

Single User Login

  • Basic included
  • Classic
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Lead Generation / Integration
  • Enquiry Management
  • Syllabus Management
  • Class Scheduling
  • Communication & Remarks
  • Unlimited Student Records
  • 25 per Student Online Access

Mango Package for iManage Plan Subscription


1850/ monthly

Single User Login

  • Basic + Classic included
  • Exotic
  • Financial Accounting
  • Inventory Management
  • Library Manaagement
  • RFID / Biometric Reader
  • Auto Responder
  • Auto SMS
  • Unlimited Student Records
  • 25 per Student Online Access

Mocktail Package for iManage Plan Subscription


2550/ monthly

Single User Login

  • Basic + Classic + Exotic included
  • Signature
  • Online Test (MCQ)
  • Publish A Test (Question Paper)
  • Notice Borad
  • Photo Gallery
  • Events
  • Feedback / Suggestions
  • Green Notes
  • Unlimited Student Records
  • 25 per Student Online Access

* Additional Details :

  • Price per concurrent user for annual subscription.
  • SMS/Email/FTP Server/RFID Cards/Biometeric reader cost extra.
  • Services activated within 2 working days of receiving the payment.
  • Prices inclusive of setup, training and support charges.
  • Taxes/Duties extra as applicable.

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