Educational App for Maharashtra State Board students - iScore
May 18, 2017
Amitabh Bachchan on swach bharat abhiyan
May 20, 2017
Our app goes above and beyond the usual exam preparations. While it’s crucial to take time off to study and clarify your concepts, what happens once that’s clear? Login to iScore, of course! Flip through exams of the past, take preliminary exams, or exams that will test you on – only and exactly what you’ve studied. See where you stand through our many practice tests and find out exactly where you’re going wrong. This way, you won’t have to answer your parents’ nagging questions about what you studied and where you stand! Just ask them to download the app and show them your progress through the easy parent connect feature!

It’s a 100% fuss-free way for you and your folks to sit down and review your growth. Let’s beat the exam blues this year, and ride to high score, with iScore.



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