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iSccore - Learning & Revision App for Students

  • Students' App for grade VIII, IX & X
  • Maharashtra State Board
  • English, Semi-English & Marathi Medium
  • Access to all subjects
  • Generate test / exam papers with model answers
  • MCQ test
  • Past papers with ready solutions
  • Students' results & performance tracking
  • Parents' empowerment app

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Exams Are Easier With iSccore

iSccore is an effective Revision & Memory based, educational software for students, that generates Maharashtra SSC board question papers. Each practice paper can be personalized or tailor-made to your needs. iSccore also provides model answers and in-depth performance reports.

  • Take practice tests according to subject, topic, or question types (MCQs, fill in the blank, etc.)
  • Access the app online and offline on all devices, including your desktop!
  • Revise through SSC previous year question papers.
  • Generate Tailor-Made SSC board papers with solutions.
  • Set goals, meet goals, track progress & gain confidence along the way.
  • Parents can keep track through their own version of the app.

Support Parents


Parents can keep track of their students progress on the parents’ version of the iSccore app

Notification of all activities performed by child using iSccore app, is sent to the parent.

Take action before results and set a healthy study cycle for your child by working with them and their teachers

Help your child work on problem areas and use our practice test papers to find solutions to work in harmony with your child


Types Of Practice Papers


Generate unlimited question papers along with model answers and solutions.

Personalize tests according to type of paper (prelim paper, set your own, etc.), type of questions (writing practice, multiple choice questions, fill in the blank, etc.), subject, and topic.

MCQs are set in a way that they don't allow any amount of guesswork or inflated results.

Compilation of previous year papers & solved SSC question papers.

An app for 8th, 9th, and 10th standard students

Why iSccore?


Enables action before results.

Practice enables students to achieve a perfect score.

Parents and teachers can work with students in harmony, by keeping track of progress and concentrating on problem areas.

With iSccore, each individual gets to study in a way that suits their style best.

Empower Teachers


Empowers teachers to encourage students to take chapter/concept wise tests.

An assignment tool for teachers to help students prepare for exams.

Assessment tool for teachers to know the level of preparation done by students before exams.

Add Value To Educational Institutes With iSccore


Avail the option of adding your Institute’s name on each question paper and model answer set.

iSccore app is a complete academic handy support, available anywhere, anytime for students (in the 8th, 9th, and 10th standard) and parents.

Gain the competitive edge over other traditional institutes by partnering with us on this digital education journey.

We can create a personalized dashboard to make tracking easier for institutions. (example provided below)

Personal Dashboard for Institutions

Weekly Performance Reports to Parents

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  • Sudha Nayak
    iSccore helps me connect better with my child. I can keep track of what she is studying and we both can work together in harmony, to ensure she appears with full confidence for every test and exam.
    Sudha Nayak
  • Nimit Shah
    Before iSccore, I didn't know whether I was paying enough attention in class or whether I was paying attention to the right things. Their 'concept clarity tests' allow me to review everything I'm supposed to know and then, I can go back and ask the right questions!
    Nimit Shah
    Class 10
  • Santosh Gangan
    I feel like I'm studying less with iSccore, even though I'm working just as hard. It clears all the clutter and I'm able to focus on the task at hand.
    Santosh Gangan
    Class 9
  • Sonali Shinde
    iSccore has been a blessing to my coaching class. I can assign homework and keep track on individual students' progress.
    Sonali Shinde
    Shinde Classes
  • Amol Mehta
    iSccore allows students to not only study for exams, but to study for their weekly tests at the coaching classes. This builds a strong foundation, which leads to them performing well in all their exams!
    Amol Mehta
    Mehta Classes
  • Garima Kandoi
    This software allows parents and children to sit together and assess their performance. It treats our kids like adults, so they know where they need to ease up and where they need to practice or study more. This, in turn, prepares them for the real world!
    Garima Kandoi

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