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July 30, 2018
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July 30, 2018

“Never let people tell you YOUR LIMITS.”

Maybe this powerful motto of the Croatian team was responsible for catapulting them into the spotlight earlier this month as they clawed their way up to the finals of the FIFA World Cup 2018. The journey of the Croatian team in this World Cup bears a pristine reflection of their hard work, grit, and determination. This is undoubtedly the greatest moment in their sporting history basis the fact that just 10 months back they were not even guaranteed a place among the World Cup qualifying teams.

This time’s World Cup was a sensational one where many big teams were sent packing home in the early stages of the tournament. Where renowned teams comprising big names failed to deliver, the underdogs dominated the whole tournament, displaying their prowess and flair in the game. Talent always shines the brightest and attracts limelight just like the Croatian team, who grabbed everyone’s attention with their stupendous performance.

Having gained sovereignty just 26 years back, Croatia is a small country with a population of just 4.5 million. However, their performance throughout vindicated the saying that “Size doesn’t matter” as they made their way to the final, which also involved them playing 30 mins extra for three back-to-back games against the biggest names of world football.

Taking a look back, the last time Croatia put up such a show was back in the 1998 World Cup. Maybe that’s why almost everyone expected them to finish in the group stages. However, football is as uncertain as life itself and sometimes the people who are never expected to amount to anything, pull off feats that seem impossible. Hence, it is more of a fact than a conjecture that size doesn’t matter, or else the son of a shoemaker would have never been able to become the President of USA  or a “chaiwala” wouldn’t have been able to become the Prime minister of the largest democracy in this world.

The success mantra lies more in our perseverance and persistence for victory, rather than resources and means of achieving it. Almighty’s help is always extended to those who go the extra mile against all odds to deserve it. In every sphere of life, this testament holds true and has been sighted across numerous instances. The triumph of David over Goliath is veracious through ages and we must remember to toil our way through if our dream is to achieve the top.


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