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June 21, 2017
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Robots Hyderabad - zooki blog

Robots Hyderabad - zooki blog

In our latest edition of SkyFi, our outlook on the world of technology, we’re reporting India’s new fleet of robot cops!

Well, not yet exactly, but it seems very viable for our future. Hyderabad-based robotics firm, H-Bots, shared the news that they’ve received funding to work on making a robot-cop that can carry out daily policing activities. 

You may recall that Dubai was the first country to launch a full-fledged robot cop, but their robocop was made in France. Ours will be a 100% made in India and might be ready for testing by September! Aside from launching a robocop, India also plans to increase the number of high-end robotics labs like this one, across the nation. 

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