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February 18, 2019

The peaceful lives we all live each day is a result of thousands of Indian soldiers on the borders who protect our lives selflessly.

On 14th February 2019, an ordinary day at Kashmir was like any other, until it witnessed a terrible episode that shook the peaceful state of the country.

A convoy of vehicles was transporting security personnel on the Jammu Srinagar National Highway when one of the many vehicles was attacked by a suicide-bomber vehicle at Lethpora, which is located amidst the Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir. The attack resulted in the death of 40 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel, as well as a few special operation team dogs. The brutality and inhumanity of the attack created a feeling of chaos among each and every member of the country.


This was not the end. Until the next three days, the encounter between the attackers and our army continued, resulting in the loss of lives of more officers and a few civilians who were caught in the crossfire. With further investigation, the responsibility for the attack was claimed by the Pakistan-based Islamist militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed. There is further inspection to be conducted, and the cause of the incident is still to be found. This incident has distorted not just our nation’s peace, but the world as a whole. All the countries of the world are in support of the Indian army. Many government organisations, NGOs and celebrities are raising funds for the families of these soldiers, to provide support and help.


The martyrs who laid down their lives have become victims of political and regional hatred. We pay homage to each soldier who has made this sacrifice for the country. Each army man has a family who longs for their presence and waits patiently for them to return home safely one day. After the attack, the families of these soldiers have lost everything they had; their son, hope and willingness to believe in humanity. Nothing can replace their sons or fill the wounds of these family members. All we, as a country, can do is support one another and raise a collective voice for justice.


The coming days are a test for not only India’s leadership but also its citizens. A collective stand based on a united collaboration should surely be made. Making a change shall not be easy, but is definitely a need of the hour. Our soldiers know what it takes to truly save one’s life, and we are forever in their debt.

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