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Last Minute SSC Board Checklist
SSC Board Exams Last Minute Checklist
February 28, 2018
Never let people tell you YOUR LIMITS
July 30, 2018

Dear Readers,

Welcome on board to Zookie – a hub of knowledge and information that motivates young minds more towards their books and goals of life while giving a delightful break from studies. This is one of many other initiatives from us, ParshvaaEdu Mentor – who take pride in bringing about a revolution in enhancing teacher-student synergy along with upgrading their efficiencies.

ParshvaaEdu Mentor Private Limited is a leading educational software development company, based out of Mumbai where the prime motto of service is to bring students, teachers, and parents to work together seamlessly while empowering all with confidence. With a focus to increase efficiency and effectiveness at every educational institute across all students and bring about a revolutionary, new way of imparting knowledge, we are headstrong in our research and development over a wide range of products that have already been well received and revered by all in the market.

iScore is our student empowerment app that goes above and beyond the usual exam preparations. With smart study features like flipping through exams of the past, taking preliminary exams, or giving exams that test only and exactly what you’ve studied, iScore has been beneficial to many students across standards and institutions. From tackling parents’ nagging questions on study updates to showing them actual progress through the easy parent connect feature, iScore definitely comes up as a 100% fuss-free way for reviewing the academic performance of a student.

RE-WILLING, sessions on drawing inspiration and motivation are also held for students and teachers alike and have been very popular since the inception of this program.

Zookie blog is another attempt to motivate students towards taking on the ever-growing struggles of life while also imparting knowledge on the relevant and important topics that come up as highlighted news or events of recent times. With a varied bouquet of subjects that open up doors towards pastures of rich knowledge along with adequate know-how on study techniques and information, Zookie stands out as a breather of refreshment for any student who seeks enrichment outside the boundaries of classrooms and books.

We hope you have a pleasant read across all our topics on Zookie and share ahead with your peers also, because, knowledge when further spread, gains more depth instead.

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